4 Baby Clothes for Babies with a g-tube. (Reviewed 2024) (2024)

A handful of the many baby clothes brands available offer adaptive clothing suitable for babies with a feeding tube.

Today, we will share four brands with you in this article. One of these brands offers adaptive clothing that may suit your baby.

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  1. What are the best baby clothes for babies with a feeding tube?
  2. Let's check out some brands that offer G-tube-friendly clothing…
  3. #1 Zipease- (Handmade in the U.S)
  4. #2 Oeteo (Made from Oeko tex-certified cotton)
  5. #3 Adaptable Snappable's
  6. #4 Spoonie Threads
  7. Final Thoughts for baby clothes for babies with G-tubes

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What are the best baby clothes for babies with a feeding tube?

Easy access to the feeding tube is a must for the best baby clothes most suitable for babies with a feeding tube.

While some brands have innovative designs through a zipper to access the tube quickly, others use an elastic waistband that allows you to access the tube easily.

Let’s check out some brands that offer G-tube-friendly clothing…

#1 Zipease- (Handmade in the U.S)

Zipease is a unique U.S. brand designed with comfort and functionality in mind. They have various collections, including an adoptive baby clothes collection that is G-tube friendly.

Unlike other rompers, Zipease’s rompers and bodysuits have a zipper that runs from ankle to ankle, are designed for easy diaper changing and are available from newborn sizes up to size 6.

Zipease adaptive range has an extra zipper that allows easy access to the feeding tube anytime.

When you order your Zipease, you can choose a left or right-closing zipper to access the feeding tube.

Zipease is uniquely handmade in Washington State, and if you have finished using your Zipease outfit, they have a trade group created to resell your baby’ outgrown romper.

Zipease is available through their website by using the Red button below.

#2 Oeteo (Made from Oeko tex-certified cotton)

Oeteo is a brand from Singapore and, like Zipease, is entirely focused on comfort and functionality.

Oeteo is well-reviewed and brings various collections, including an adaptive collection of baby clothes that is g-tube friendly, also available at their front store at Amazon.

The possible downside of this brand is that the available size only goes up to 18 months of age.

A bonus for this brand is the Oeteo range, which is made from Oeko tex-certified cotton that is free of harmful substances.

#3 Adaptable Snappable’s

Adaptable Snapables is a brand available on Etsy where you can find handmade g or T-tube baby rompers handmade to last from top-quality cotton lycra fabric with great stretch.

Adaptablesnapbles are made from scratch, and this brand 5-star-rated brand might be worth checking out if you are looking for some adaptive baby or kids clothes.

Adaptablesnapebles does not accept returns.

#4 Spoonie Threads

Spoonie Threads is another brand on Etsy that makes adaptive baby clothes. They also adapted Gerber brand pajamas with small covered openings to provide access to feeding tubes and catheters to make the baby clothes adapted.

Many of their outfits are made from Oeko tex cotton, free from harmful substances.

Spoonie Threads is based in Texas, United States, and the average review rate is 4.8 or higher and accepts returns.

Final Thoughts for baby clothes for babies with G-tubes

Various brands craft adapted baby clothes suitable for babies with a g-tube, all working slightly differently by either an extra designed zipper or an elastic waist design, allowing you to access a g-tube easily.

Have you tried any G-tube-friendly baby clothes brands? What have been your favourites so far?

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4 Baby Clothes for Babies with a g-tube. (Reviewed 2024) (2024)


How do you dress a G tube? ›

  1. Wash hands with soap and water.
  2. Remove the old dressing.
  3. Clean the skin.
  4. Check the placement of the tube. ...
  5. Use one package of 2” x 2” gauze pads with a slit. ...
  6. Take one piece of the split tape. ...
  7. Position the tape so that the G-tube will be right at the split in the piece of tape.

How do you adapt clothes to G tube? ›

There are some clever commercial solutions: Tummy Tunnels, Grab-a-Scab fabric stickers (read a brilliant post on this at Adaptions 4 Kidz), both of which are ironed on to create a “patch” with an opening for g-tube access. These can be applied to off-the-rack clothing, require no sewing, and come in cute styles.

Can you bathe a baby with G tube? ›

Gastrostomy tube (g-tube): If your baby uses a g-tube to feed, they will need bed baths for two weeks after the tube placement surgery. After the two weeks, you can remove the dressing around the g-tube and give your baby a bath in the tub, if you would like.

How long can a baby be on a feeding tube? ›

For some babies, a feeding tube is only necessary until they gain enough strength to eat on their own. For others with permanent brain damage or severe medical condition, a feeding tube may be needed for the rest of their life. Occupational and physical therapy may help wean them off of the tube at some point.

What clothes to wear with a feeding tube? ›

Adaptive clothing5 can include baseball tees with shoulder snaps for easy access or body suits with tummy access flaps. These come in many designs and colors. For babies, there are numerous options for cute, adaptive clothing. Onesies,8 sleepers, and shirts are designed specifically with G-tube access.

How often should G-tube dressing be changed? ›

The tube must be well anchored to the skin. The dressing is then changed twice daily for three days and then once a day for 14 days after the initial date of tube insertion.

Can I put Vaseline around G-tube? ›

A light coating of petroleum jelly or A&D ointment may prevent the small amount of normal drainage from drying on the skin so it is easier to remove as needed. Avoid alcohol, as it will remove protective skin oils. Avoid tension of the feeding tube.

How do you shower with a G-tube? ›

Do not submerge the G-Tube site under water for the first 4 weeks after surgery. When your child is able to take a bath or shower, remember to: • Clamp the G-Tube or close the valve on the Button G-Tube before bathing. Make sure the water is not too warm, so that it does not irritate tender skin.

What is the disadvantage of G tube? ›

Skin Issues (around the site of your tube) Unintentional tears in your intestines (perforation) Infection in your abdomen (peritonitis) Problems with the feeding tube such as blockages (obstruction) and involuntary movement (displacement)

Can you put baby food in G tube? ›

For infants under a year old, expressed breast milk or infant formulas are preferred. They are rich in the nutrients a baby needs. Other liquids, thin baby foods or liquid medicine may also be given through the tube. Give only medicines that your baby's doctor tells you to give.

How long does it take for a Gtube hole to close? ›

Your child's tract will start to heal and close within hours of removing the feeding tube, but it can take more than two weeks to close completely. It will leak during this time. After the tract closes, your child will have a small scar that may look like a dimple or a healed earring hole.

What is the most common problem in tube feeding? ›

Diarrhea. The most common reported complication of tube feeding is diarrhea, defined as stool weight > 200 mL per 24 hours.

What is the survival rate after a feeding tube? ›

Patients who receive a percutaneous feeding tube have a 30-day mortality risk of 18%–24% and a 1-year mortality risk of 50%–63%.

What is a tubie baby? ›

For those new to the “tubie” world, a tubie is a child who feeds through a feeding tube. There are a few different types of feeding tubes that a child could have, which include: G-tube: Surgically placed in the stomach. GJ tube: Placed in the stomach but runs to the intestines.

How do you cover an G-tube for swimming? ›

A T-shirt or a one-piece bathing suit will help prevent pulling by the tube getting caught on something. The tube should be securely taped to the abdomen with waterproof tape as an additional precaution.

How do you care for the G-tube site what type of dressing would you use if there is drainage from the site? ›

Caring for your skin around your drainage G-tube
  • Remove the old bandage around your g-tube. ...
  • Wash the skin around your g-tube with soap and water, removing any fluids or crusting. ...
  • Cover your insertion site with a 4 x 4 gauze pad or Polyderm border foam dressing.
  • Loop the tube and secure it with tape or a Cath-Secure.

How do you put gauze around a G-tube? ›

If a gauze dressing is being used, place a 2 x2 split gauze pad around the tube and under the plastic disk or nipple (Picture 2). 6. Tape the disk or nipple to the skin to help secure the tube. G-tubes must be flushed with 15 to 30 cc's of clean tap water after each feeding and after all medicines are given.

How do you dress a tube top? ›

Throw It on With a Blazer and Ballet Flats

Styled over a knit sweetheart silhouette tube top and dark denim jeans, this look feels elevated yet casual and can be worn from the office to a weeknight dinner date. Polish it off with your everyday black handbag and ballet slippers for a feminine touch.


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